Patient Care Coordinators

Premier Prosthetics is one of the few in the prosthetic industry to employee patient care coordinators. Patient care coordinators are uniquely qualified individuals at the center of our patient care services.

Our patient care coordinators are liaisons between the patient and the healthcare system. Our patient care coordinator will ensure that the patients receive the assistance and continuation of care needed to succeed.

In addition, our coordinators will assist in collecting documentation from the referring and/or primary physician.  This information is vital and will assist in getting the prosthetic services approved.

Our coordinator will also provide educational information about the services that are available at Premier Prosthetics.  Our patient care coordinators will also locate community resources for patients with financial hardships.

Ultimately, they are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all care delivered by Premier Prosthetics meets or exceeds all expectations of our patient and our referring source.

Please feel free to contact:

Amanda Ramos, Patient Coordinator

Mobile: (210)-749-1971

Office: (210) 340-2181