Outcome Based Treatment

Premier Prosthetics is a Patient Center-Outcome-Based facility. We are committed in working with our network associates to improve the prosthetic profession.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best prosthetic treatment to our patients and improve their quality of life with proven results.

Measurement of outcomes is a systematic approach for evaluating the quality of care and effectiveness of treatment for patients with amputations. By incorporating outcome measures in our daily practice, we have the ability to evaluate the various aspects of clinical care, such as confidence level with the prosthesis, socket comfort, functional level, and quality of life. Outcome measures can determine the effectiveness of an intervention, detect cause for concern, and in some cases provide a new direction. By documenting changes in outcome measures over time, we can assess the value of the treatment. Our regular testing program enhances outcomes by offering positive feedback to patients on their progress. We also have the ability to demonstrate to caregivers and insurers the extent to which the treatment has improved the patient’s health and reduced healthcare costs.

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